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Imagine buying qualified leads at $ 100 for the SEA market. Yes, we just delivered exactly that 👏

Who says cold emails are dead? The more we spend time listening and communicating with our prospects, the better we get everyday. Every ordinary email needs special attention. And that little caring approach turns prospects into 🌶️ Leads. It’s called Data nurturing!

The market development service from Brewra attempts to break records everyday. Capturing the essence of a value proposition and capturing what resonates with the target user persona without talking is pure science. If you think A/B testing and multiple theme messaging does the job, you will be making a mistake. We invest in empathy and emotional intelligence before tech stacks.

At Brewra, we have a track record of exceeding expectations every single day. Our success lies in our ability to truly understand the value proposition and connect with our target user personas on an emotional level. We don't solely rely on A/B testing and generic messaging; empathy and emotional intelligence are at the forefront of our approach. With Brewra, you can trust that we prioritize human connection before turning to technology.

Take for instance; Lead qualification. Most businesses will fire up LinkedIn sales navigators and zoom in with different constraints based upon the ICP. This is so stone age; just by having basic measurements doesn’t allow any system to find out that unique love of mine in paintings or money plants. This is why our data enrichment and campaigns are all fine-tuned towards spending time & listening. With listening, we are able to understand and empathize at an emotional and functional level.

Developing meaningful connections is priceless. Instead of solely depending on CRM tactics from the get-go, it's all about establishing relationships. Take a look at this statistic from an outreach campaign.

Engagement: B2B SaaS_US_June2023

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Here are some random thoughts collated for founders, I hope these are helpful. Write back to me if you have any questions at Author: Sunny Ghosh

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